Perge Kağıtçılık Continues to Grow by Opening Its New Factory
Perge Kağıtçılık Continues to Grow by Opening Its New Factory

As Perge Kağıtçılık, we took a new step in line with our growth targets and opened our new factory. Aiming to further strengthen our strong position in the sector, we plan to offer a wider range of services to our customers by increasing production capacity with this move.

The new factory is equipped with modern technology and high-standard equipment. in case. In this way, we aim to raise quality standards by making production processes more efficient. At the same time, our company, which draws attention with its environmentally friendly production policy, continues to adopt an environmentally friendly production approach by adopting the principle of sustainability.

Perge Kağıtçılık officials made a statement regarding the opening of the new factory. In the statement, "We continue to make quality and environmentally friendly production by prioritizing customer satisfaction. We aim to provide faster and more effective service to our customers by increasing our production capacity with our new factory. At the same time, we will continue to fulfill our responsibility to protect natural resources with our environmentally friendly production policy." He said.

With the opening of our new factory, Perge Kağıtçılık will further strengthen its leading position in the sector and continue to offer our quality and environmentally friendly products to its customers in the most reliable way.