Perge Kağıtçılık: A Rising Name in Quality
Perge Kağıtçılık: A Rising Name in Quality

Perge Kağıtçılık continues to grow with its reliable and quality service approach. We are proud to offer the highest level of service to customers with years of experience and 0% waste rate.

Our company meets the needs of customers by offering printed and unprinted solutions. Our business, which started its operations in an area of ​​150 m² in 2010, reached a closed area of ​​5000 m² within 8 years and offers you a wider service area.

Leading in Turkey and around the world Perge Kağıtçılık, which is in a position, makes a name for itself in the service sector and constantly breaks new ground. Among the fields of activity of our company, production continues without slowing down with a storage area of ​​1500 tons.

Perge Kağıtçılık responds to all kinds of demands carefully and on time, with orders ranging from 1 kilogram to 600 tons. It prioritizes customer satisfaction even for big projects.

The address you trust in quality, Perge Kağıtçılık! Contact us and let us offer you the most suitable solutions.