Paper cup
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Paper cup
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Paper cups are an environmentally friendly alternative that has become a popular option for serving beverages. These cups, which are generally disposable, are used to carry and serve various beverages. They have become the choice of environmentally friendly consumers and businesses because they are a more sustainable option compared to traditional plastic cups.

Cardboard cups often have biodegradable or recyclable properties, which plays an important role in reducing the amount of garbage.

These glasses are generally coated with a special coating for hot drinks. This coating reduces the heat loss of the beverage from the outer surface and prevents the outer surface of the glass from becoming moist. This allows drinks to stay hot longer and provides users with a more enjoyable drinking experience.

Many businesses, such as coffee shops, fast food restaurants, street vendors and event organizers, are turning to paper cups as they seek an environmentally friendly alternative. They prefer. Additionally, paper cups are often customizable and can contribute to the branding and marketing strategies of businesses.

For all these reasons, paper cups have gained an important place in the beverage service industry today and adapt to environmentally friendly consumer preferences, providing a cleaner environment to future generations. It serves the purpose of protecting the environment.

Paper cup