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Overshoe products are generally shoe covers with different features designed for use in various industrial or hygienic environments. Here are some common overshoe products:

  1. Bone (White / Green / Accordion): Head coverings, commonly used in the healthcare and food industries, are usually disposable and worn to provide a hygienic environment. They can be found in white, green or accordion (foldable).

  2. Galoshes (Luxury): More stylish and durable overshoes are designed for use in hotels, restaurants or other businesses. They have an aesthetic appearance and are made of higher quality materials to provide comfort to their users.

  3. Overshoes (Double Elastic): Designed with two elastic bands, these overshoes provide a more secure and tight fit. These overshoes stay firmly under the shoes and prevent slipping.

  4. Tela Galosh: These are shoe covers made of non-woven material, generally designed for single use or light use. They are suitable for short-term work or use in hygienic environments.

  5. Boot Overshoe: Waterproof and durable, overshoes are frequently used in agriculture, construction and industrial areas. They are ideal for protecting feet from various hazards.

  6. Stretcher Cover: These are covers used in hospitals and health facilities and are placed over stretchers and patient beds to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

  7. Disposable Nonwoven Coverall: Protective overalls, generally designed for single use, used for cleaning, hygiene and safety purposes in various industries.

  8. Dish Apron PVC: Aprons made of waterproof and easy-to-clean PVC material used in restaurants, kitchens and food service establishments.

  9. Mask: Protective face masks used to protect the respiratory tract and prevent the spread of particles.

These products are designed with different features to suit specific industries and areas of use and play an important role in providing a hygienic environment.