Extrusion Coating
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Extrusion Coating
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Our extrusion coating line carries out polyethylene coating and lamination processes meticulously and at high quality on a wide range of aluminum foil, sulphite paper, kraft paper and other paper types. In this way, we offer special coating solutions to our customers for use in various industrial applications.

Polyethylene coating thickness can be made in a range ranging from 10 to 100 gr/m² in accordance with the needs of our customers. However, you can also share your requests with us for higher weights or special products. We work with our team to meet all kinds of demands, keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront.

As Perge Kağıtçılık, in addition to having extensive experience in the field of industrial coating and lamination, we also provide We focus on constantly improving our technology and processes to deliver customized solutions. We continue to be in a leading position in the industry with our quality products and customer-oriented approach.